Back To Work

Still not 100%, but I’m back to work. No real hiking, but shooting from the truck feels great. I’ve been working on several projects; photographic series’ as well as new presentations I will roll out this year. One thing I can’t help notice on my shoots is the devastation of trees in our local Los Padres National Forest. Thousands of pines visibly dead or fallen due to the drought and bark beetles. You could also make the argument that the drought has made many of the otherwise healthy trees more susceptible to the bark beetles. In the lower altitudes many of the oaks are also dying and falling. It’s a little harder to notice all the oak damage since they seem to go from the inside out and simply start dropping limbs or fall all together. While it’s hard to look at, your have to remember that this is all part of the cycle of life and there are also a lot of new seedlings sprouting do to a better than average rain this year.  If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or other Social media, then you’ll see a lot of my works related to this devastation. Links to my social media outlets can be found in the “Contact” page.

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