Limited Edition Production Day

White Cow

It’s been quite a year so far and hard to believe that we are in the last couple of days of October. Much of the summer has been spent on shooting, perfecting new techniques and shows. While I have been producing a great deal of work, limited editions have not been a focus in recent months. I’m happy to say that today that is changing. I will be in the studio focusing on creating fine art limited editions of works today and the weeks to come. For those who are not familiar with my limited editions, I rarely create more than 10 in a series and normally stick to 5. In creating limited editions I choose the best museum quality media for the specific work and hand print each work myself. If you ever see a shot of mine posted to social media that you are interested in obtaining in limited edition, please ask. If I have not yet run a series of the work in limited edition, I am often quite open to doing so. The work you see here I ran in two sizes with an edition of 5 in each size today. The paper selected was Museo Portfolio Rag 300 GSM. This mat paper has no optical brightness and brings out the mood of the work.

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