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Tannat Grape Anthotypes (AKA Sun Prints)


A couple of years ago I planted a small vineyard of Tannat and Sirah in my backyard. For the first few years you don’t want to allow the vines to produce grapes to promote healthy vine growth. This year is the last that I’ll be pruning back and I decided to allow one cluster to grow specifically to create an Anthotype print (sometimes called sun print). The work you see above is the result of a paper coated with an emulsion made from the single cluster of Tannat grapes.

Anthotype’s can be made with a wide range of plant juices such as that from berries, flowers etc. Once the emulsion is made and applied to paper, a transparency is created with the original photograph as a positive rather than a negative. Placing the transparency over the emulsified paper as you would in any contact print method, the paper and transparency is placed in the sun for up to a week. My print was created in the same UV exposure box that I use from my Platinotype work and exposed for two full days. While the results are less than stable and need to be protected from further UV light they can be beautiful and preserved by scanning the original.

While there is still some work to be done on the emulsion to reduce streaking, it felt good to create the print commemorating the vineyards first cluster. I plan on taking some time to work on my emulsion mixture this year with the leftover press cake from the Malbec wine I’ll be making in October.

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